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Our programs are offered year round via online sessions. These sessions are conducted in small groups via Zoom or Google Meet. Our instructors move at the pace of the students taking time to reinforce concepts as needed. All courses feature fun projects that include women role models in STEM to inspire and motivate the girls.

We also encourage our girls to become independent learners by giving them small practice tasks that they can do at home.

To ensure progress, there are multiple checkpoints in each course wherein we assess the understanding of concepts covered in class. Parents are kept updated on their girl's progress throughout. Assessments are done in the form of quizzes or independent mini projects. There are three areas that we assess:

  1. Knowledge

  2. Application

  3. Attitude

The girls will receive Certificates of Completion after each module. 




SGD 40 per session (up to 3 students in a group)

SGD 50 per session (1:1 private session) 


USD 40 per session (up to 3 students in a group)

USD 50 per session (1:1 private session)

*Payment via PayPal is available for USA customers

All programs are offered year-round.


60 minutes of quality teaching. Same instructor each week, bi-weekly updates.

The girls will receive Certificates of Completion after each course. 

Discounts:  We offer (only ONE discount applicable at any given time)

  • Bring a friend and get ONE TIME 10% discount upon signup (for first-time customers only)
  • Ongoing 10% sibling discount


Refund Policy: If you decide to not continue with us at any point during the course, we’ll refund the fees for the remaining classes with NO questions asked.


         Scratch Level 1(SL1/9-11)

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Introduction to Scratch (IS/7-8) or equivalent experience is required.

 This module builds on IS/7-8 in the Rover program and focuses on the concepts listed below. 

 After completing this course, girls will be able to design and program their own games and projects in Scratch. The girls will be ready to advance to Scratch Level 2.

      Scratch Level 2(SL2/9-11)

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Scratch (SL1/9-11) or equivalent experience is required.


In this module, we expand upon the concepts introduced in Scratch Level 1. After completing this course, the girls will attain a mastery of the Scratch environment, develop strong computational thinking and will be ready for text based programming.


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Scratch (SL1/9-11) or equivalent experience is required for this module.


Our signature program, Code4Math is developed to help girls practice math while learning to code using Scratch programming. We want the girls to enjoy math outside the classroom and see its application in coding.


3D modelling with Coding and Geometry (3DM/9-11)

Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 11.26.24 AM.png

No previous 3D modelling experience is required for this course.


In this module the girls will learn the basics of creating digital 3D models from 2D drawings that could be printed using a 3D printer. After becoming familiar with important tools and functions of TinkerCAD, the girls will use visual code blocks to design, build and manipulate 3D structures.

Digital Making with Micro:bit 


Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 11.57.58 AM.png

Micro:bit is a compact micro controller that is used to encourage children to become creators of technology.


This course aims to introduce girls to the world of coding using Micro:bit, a versatile edu tech tool that we will use on Microsoft's cloud based MakeCode platform. 


Girls will have fun making games and animations while learning about foundational coding concepts.

Modding with Minecraft (MM/9-11)


No Previous Minecraft experience is required for this course.

Minecraft is a 3D game development environment that promotes critical thinking and spatial intelligence.  If your girl loves Minecraft, this is a perfect way to take the Minecraft play to the next level. If she hasn't had any exposure, no worries! We will customise our instruction to give her a fun and meaningful start to Modding with Minecraft!

App Design (AD/9-11)


Apps are everywhere. We use multiple apps on a daily basis to help us perform various tasks. In this course, the girls will learn the basics of good app design, follow a design framework to create a fun and visually appealing app using block-based coding. 

No prior experience is required for this course.