1. What kind of programs do you offer?

Our program includes coding, robotics, engineering projects for different age groups and experience levels. We intend to give girls a holistic experience of what STEM is all about. We use latest edu-tech tools to make lessons interesting and fun for the girls. Our goal is to encourage them to perceive STEM with an open mind and help them see that it is fun, creative and full of possibilities.

In addition to holding classes, we send out newsletters, conduct field trips and host talks to expose the girls to women role models in STEM.

2. My daughter is very busy during school days. Even though this is interesting, she doesn’t have time to take on any more enrichment programs.

We understand. The idea is not to burden them but familiarize them to these important skills at an early age that will motivate them to opt for STEM courses in the future. In this case, we also offer holiday workshops that you can keep a look out for via our Facebook and Instagram page. Follow our social media posts and get updated from time to time on all the things happening at Lavender Spaceship.

3. Is there a minimum number of classes I have to sign up for?

Every module has a minimum number of sessions that needs to be completed in order to earn the Certificate of Completion. We have carefully designed the number of classes to ensure the girls get sufficient exposure to the topic.


4. How can I sign up and pay the fees?

There is a simple form that you have to fill out. You can pay fees via cheque, bank transfer or cash.


5. What type of coding do you offer?

a) We do block based programming which introduces the girls to the basics of programming and help them develop logical reasoning. For example, in Scratch, girls learn the fundamentals and create a game that they can share with you to showcase their learning. Block based programming is also used in other modules like digital making with BBC Microbit, drone programming, robotics with Sphero and LEGO Boost among other things.

b) Python programming: This is suitable for girls 12 years or older. Python is one of the most popular beginner friendly programming languages that is very easy and fun to learn. No prior programming experience is required to enroll in our python course. We have planned the modules methodically, with ample practice time given to the girls so that they can internalize the concepts with ease. The girls will end this workshop by writing the code for a game and playing it with their friends.

c) HTML/ CSS: In this module the girls learn about building a landing page for a website. They learn to organise content on a webpage using HTML and style it with CSS for eye-catching presentation. This is an introductory course where we take the girls on a journey to transform the raw data on a topic of their choice to a beautiful webpage that they can share proudly with people.

6. My daughter is 5 years old. Is she too young to do STEM?

Our program is carefully designed for pre-readers with focus on developing computational thinking and STEM thinking. The lessons are a combination of digital and non-digital activities. Girls learn important skills like pattern recognition. making connections, observation and questioning that they apply in their everyday life. Additionally, the girls also start using their spare time at home in a more productive way by building things and practicing coding with Scratch Jr.

7. Your program is for girls till 14 years old. My daughter is 15 years old but hasn’t had any experience with coding. Can she still join?

Absolutely! We want the girls to have a stress free and fun introduction to coding and STEM in general. We welcome girls and their parents who are open to trying out coding and get acquainted to a skill that is as important as literacy in this 21st century world.

8. My daughter has done all the programs that you offer. What is next for her?

Our program is constantly evolving. We try our best to introduce new, interesting and in demand STEM courses that offer meaningful learning. We are also open to suggestions from you. Feel free to talk to us if you have ideas on how we can make our program better that will benefit your daughters even more. We would love to see parents and daughters more involved in our Lavender Spaceship STEM community.

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