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Cute Girl

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My daughter is very busy during school days. Even though this is interesting, she doesn’t have time to take on any more enrichment programs.

We understand. We offer a flexible schedule, which means we will work with you to come up with a time slot (weekend or weekday) that works for your daughter. 

2. How do I know which course to choose for my daughter?

The course selection is based on girls' age, experience, and interest level. Most of our students start at the beginner level and work their way up into the program. Click here to learn more about our program roadmap.

3. How can I sign up and pay the fees?

Click here to register or book a FREE trial class. You can pay the fees via Paypal, PayNow or bank transfer.

4. What is the class scheduling/ rescheduling policy?

When you schedule a class for the student, please make sure that these times generally work for your child on a weekly basis. We will try our best to accommodate your preferences. We request that parents let us know of changes in plans to attend 2 days in advance (unless there is a family emergency or illness). Make-up classes may be offered depending on our capacity to handle these requests. 


5. What is the cancellation policy?
We understand that unexpected situations may arise wherein you may want your child to discontinue the course. We will refund the balance of the course with NO questions asked. Please fill out this form to submit your request.

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