Our Team


Pranati Bagchi, Founder

Pranati is a mathematics teacher with many years of global teaching experience across the United States, Singapore and India. She has a Master of Education (Ed.M) degree from Rutgers University, USA and a Masters degree (M.Sc) in Mathematics from India. Pranati is a STEM certified teacher from National Institute of STEM Education (NISE), USA.

Pranati finds STEM fascinating and have a deep appreciation for its potential to create an impact in the world. She believes that we need to equip our children with the innovative capacity that will help them make technological advances in the future.


As a teacher, Pranati was increasingly disheartened to see young girls lose interest in STEM as they grow up. This is why The Lavender Spaceship Project came into existence, a social enterprise aimed at improving gender equality in STEM. 


Through this platform, Pranati want to give every young girl a chance to learn and practice STEM in a risk-free and friendly environment. Her goal is to help them find their love for STEM and give them the confidence to pursue it further.

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Alixe Tsang-Leclercq, Strategic advisor

Alixe is an economist who has been associated with the European commission in Brussels and prestigious MNCs in Asia.  She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Hong Kong University and a Bachelor’s degree from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

Alixe wanted to apply her experience for social impact. The gender gap in STEM and the difference in readiness of boys and girls in 21st century skills is particularly close to her heart. After noticing the existing differences in tech-related fields and realizing how this gap may widen in the future economy, Alixe came on board with The Lavender Spaceship Project (TLSP). She is passionate about fostering problem-solving mindset and grit in girls. Alixe believes in TLSP’s vision and its philosophy to prepare future ready girls.

Our team

Marie Goh

Marie is an engineer who has worked in Norway, Singapore and the United Kingdom. She holds a Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London and a Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic.


As our world becomes more complex and diverse, this diversity needs to be reflected in our lifestyle and work teams. Gender diversity in STEM is one way of achieving this and it starts from our young people. Marie believes she can make a difference here with The Lavender Spaceship Project. She hopes that her work can inspire young girls to engineer a sustainable future for all of us.   

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Anchal Jain

Anchal has done her engineering in electronics and communications and is also a certified drone flyer. She is a technology enthusiast and has taught concepts like Cybersecurity, AI, and other STEM-related topics in international and local schools in Singapore.

Anchal is very passionate about teaching because she finds it rewarding to nurture students to learn and become creative contributors to society. 

In her free time, Anchal loves to play VR games and watch  Sci-fi movies.

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Nadiah Nisthar Ismail

Our youngest intern, Nadiah is very hardworking and a fast learner. Currently pursuing her degree in Molecular Biology and Applied Chemistry, Nadiah wants to develop the love for subjects like mathematics and chemistry among girls. 


When not studying or interning, Nadiah loves to explore the world of Minecraft. Nadiah hopes to to shape perceptions, instil values, inspire and guide young girls to become confident individuals when they grow up.


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Xian Hui

Xian Hui is currently pursuing a degree in Computing Science from Singapore Institute of Technology. She also holds a diploma in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Xian Hui wants to level the playing field in the Information Technology sector by motivating girls in computing at an early age and making them aware of the career prospects in these fields.

Xian Hui enjoys working with young children and sharing her computing knowledge in a fun and engaging way. In her spare time, Xian Hui likes to watch YouTube videos and practice yoga.  

Aadilah Mohamed Ali

Aadilah has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering and  is currently pursuing her Master's degree in the same field from National University of Singapore (NUS). She is an ardent believer of instilling the passion for science in young girls. Her favourite subjects are Mathematics and Physics and she wants to inculcate the same love for these subjects among girls. 

Aadilah aspires to be a role model for young curious minds and spark their interest and excitement about science and engineering in a creative manner.

Priyadarshini Jayakumar

Priya is a student at National University of Singapore, currently pursuing Biomedical Engineering. Priya strongly believes that engineering is a field that can enable her to come up with solutions to help people and make a difference in this world. That's why she chose to pursue Biomedical Engineering, so that she can come up with innovative technological solutions in the field of healthcare. 


Priya's passion for science and technology was instilled through her teachers at an early age. Just like her teachers, she hopes to build a strong foundation of STEM in other young girls.