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Digital Making with Micro:bit 

This course aims to introduce girls to the world of coding using Micro:bit, a versatile edu tech tool. We will use Micro:bit’s MakeCode platform that incorporates colour coded blocks based to teach coding using Micro:bit simulator. Girls will have fun making music, games and animations while learning about foundational coding concepts. 

This 8 week course aims to introduce basic coding concepts by working on fun projects involving music, games and emojis to explore the potential of coding with Micro:bit.

Topics covered

  • Hardware of Micro:bit - different parts and its functions

  • Exploring the different blocks on the MakeCode platform

  • Real life uses of Micro:bit

  • Coordinate system

  • Basic blocks

  • Input blocks

  • Music blocks

  • Logic Blocks

  • Math blocks

  • Turtle blocks

  • Game blocks

  • Defining variables

  • Nested loops

  • Creating and using functions

  • Fun projects with music, animation and mathematics

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