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Digital Making with Micro:bit 

This course aims to introduce girls to the world of coding using Micro:bit, a versatile edu tech tool. We will use Micro:bit’s MakeCode platform which incorporates colour-coded blocks to teach coding using Micro:bit simulator. Girls will have fun making music, games and animations while learning about foundational coding concepts. 

This 10 week course aims to introduce basic coding concepts by working on fun projects involving music, games and emojis to explore the potential of coding with Micro:bit.

Topics covered

  • Hardware of Micro:bit - different parts and its functions

  • Exploring the different blocks on the MakeCode platform

  • Real life uses of Micro:bit

  • Coordinate system

  • Basic blocks

  • Input blocks

  • Music blocks

  • Logic Blocks

  • Math blocks

  • Turtle blocks

  • Game blocks

  • Defining variables

  • Nested loops

  • Creating and using functions

  • Fun projects with music, animation and mathematics

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