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Modding with Minecraft 

Minecraft is a 3D game development environment that promotes critical thinking and spacial intelligence.

In this 8 week course, the girls will build "mods" (modifications) using the Code Kingdom platform. Mods are the changes/ enhancements that you can make to existing Minecraft game by adding custom items, tools  and blocks.  The process of creating mods is called Modding. These mods will enable the girls to learn and apply coding concepts to alter the way their game behaves and responds.

If your girl loves Minecraft, this is a perfect way to take the Minecraft play to the next level. If she hasn't had any exposure, no worries! We will customise our instruction to give her a fun and meaningful start to Modding with Minecraft!

Topics covered

  • Learn to use the Minecraft and Code Kingdom platform

  • Create modifications (mods) to hack the world of Minecraft

  • Understand the meaning of an algorithm

  • Fun projects based on different themes

  • Apply the following coding concepts:

    • Variables

    • Boolean code

    • Loops

    • Methods

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