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3D Modelling with Coding and Geometry

Computer-aided Design (CAD)  involves using computers to create or modify a design. CAD is extensively used in science and engineering fields to conceptualise products and build products that are used to serve various needs and purposes.


In this module, the girls will learn the basics of creating digital 3D models from 2D drawings that could be printed using a 3D printer. After becoming familiar with important tools and functions of TinkerCAD, the girls will use visual code blocks to design, build and manipulate 3D structures.

This introductory course takes 10 sessions to complete.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to 3D printing and its uses

  • Basics of TinkerCAD

  • General icons and key features

  • Understanding the work plane perspective

  • Block drawings

  • Creating hollow drawings

  • Using multiple planes

  • Using the ruler feature to improve precision        

  • Use code blocks to build designs 

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