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Girls belong in coding

What makes Lavender Spaceship's girl-centric approach so effective?

Coding girl

A program specially designed for girls

We have created a unique “girl-centric” model to inspire, and nurture the love for coding and technology among girls.

Our context-based projects build meaning into coding where girls solve real-world challenges, all designed by certified and experienced teachers. 

Program roadmap

Program Roadmap 2024.png

Four outcomes for girls 

Enhanced critical thinking and problem solving

skills to understand and analyze a problem in an in-depth manner.

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Improved computational thinking

  • Decomposition

  • Pattern recognition

  • Abstraction

  • Algorithm design with debugging

Interest at an early age

Early exposure to coding and computer literacy in a systematic manner is important to developing interest among girls.

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to take up coding and computer science-related topics. The girls will understand the value of technology – how it works, and how to make it work for them.

How to get started?


Post Trial Class Feedback


Classes begin

Pre-assessment and mini-lesson 

 Feedback via email

Registration and payment

Board the Spaceship


“It is wonderful to see that my daughter is empowered to code Minecraft and design the experience she seeks when playing the game. As a parent, I love seeing her growing confidence in STEM related activities which is so important at this stage.”

Grace P.

Ready to board the spaceship? 

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