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Web Programming Level 2

Web programming Level 1 is required for this course.

The Web Programming Level 2 course expands on the concepts taught in the Level 1 course with HTML and CSS. With the use of Visual Studio Code, a widely used code editor software, the girls will explore JavaScript coding concepts such as arrays and functions, as well as further their practice with CSS and HTML, to produce more functional webpages.


This course focuses more on JavaScript and the ways in which user interaction can be enhanced to create engaging projects. The girls will learn about advanced CSS concepts to construct interesting and captivating webpages that are completely functional.

This course takes 20 sessions to complete.

Topics covered

  • Variables

  • Data types

  • IDs

  • Classes

  • Loops 

  • Arrays 

  • CSS (formatting and animations)

  • User input 

  • Functions 

  • Link and reuse pages in visual studio to increase functionality and efficiency 

  • DOM manipulation

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