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Web Programming Level 1

Scratch Level 2  in the Apollo program or equivalent experience is required for this module.


This module is recommended for girls who enjoy art and design. They will get to share their passion with the world by applying their HTML and CSS skills to design a webpage on topics of their choice. By the end of this module, girls will become familiar with text-based programming and commence their journey of creating the web portfolios that they can proudly share with their friends and family.

This course takes 16 sessions to complete.

Topics covered

  • Structure of HTML page

  • Elements and attributes 

  • Insert image and video

  • Create a link within a web page

  • Create a table 

  • Insert heading and paragraph 

  • Create menu

  • Create Forms 

  • Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format

  • Create and apply class

  • Make a landing page by applying CSS box model

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