Python Programming Level 3

Successful completion of Python Programming L1 and Python Programming L2  is required for this module. In this course, we will build on the understanding of topics in Level 2 by creating more complex codes, while also exploring several new concepts like object oriented programming. From Chatbots to Pygame, this course is engaging, fun and useful.


This course takes 18 sessions to complete.

Topics covered

Conditionals and branching

  • Recap - if/else/elif conditionals, relational operators, bitwise operators

  • Mini projects 


  • Recap - def, passing arguments/parameters, calling function, returning

  • Mini projects

  • Global and Local variables

  • Modules

  •  Difference between functions and modules

  • Date/ Time module project

  • Dot notation

Review of Data structure - Lists, Tuple, Dictionaries, Sets

  • Projects to practice Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries and Sets 

  • Nested For loops and while loops with data structures

  • Reading and writing to files

  • Counting words in a book project 

  • Chatbot  with NLTK library

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Objects and Classes

  • Creating and Using a Class

  • Working with Classes and Instances

  • Inheritance

  • Importing classes

  • Project to practice Objects and Class


  • Pygame basics

  • Snake and apple game