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 Python Programming Level 3

Successful completion of Python Programming L1 and Python Programming L2  is required for this module. In this course, we will build on the understanding of topics in Level 2 by creating more complex codes, while also exploring new concepts like object-oriented programming. From Chatbots to Pygame, this course is engaging, fun and useful.


This course takes 26 sessions to complete.

Topics covered

Conditionals and branching

  • Recap - if/else/elif conditionals, relational operators, bitwise operators

  • Mini projects 


  • Recap - def, passing arguments/parameters, calling function, returning

  • Mini projects

  • Global and Local variables

  • Modules

  •  Difference between functions and modules

  • Date/ Time module project

  • Dot notation

Review of Data structure - Lists, Tuple, Dictionaries, Sets

  • Projects to practice Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries and Sets 

  • Nested For loops and while loops with data structures

  • Reading and writing to files

  • Counting words in a book project 

  • Chatbot  with NLTK library

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Objects and Classes

  • Creating and Using a Class

  • Working with Classes and Instances

  • Inheritance

  • Importing classes

  • Project to practice Objects and Class


  • Pygame basics

  • Snake and apple game

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