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 Python Programming Level 1

Scratch programming Level 2 or equivalent is required for this course. 

Python is one of the most loved programming languages because of its flexibility and endless opportunities. Python is easy to learn and would be a great stepping stone to learn about other languages in the future. In this course, we will learn the basics of Python programming through fun and interesting projects focussed on mathematics and animation. We will use a Turtle library to design and draw objects on the virtual canvas to express creativity and encourage innovative problem-solving.

The girls will use Visual Studio Code, a widely used code editor software to foray into the world of text-based programming using Python. The girls will:

  1. learn the fundamentals of python programming

  2. apply mathematics to solve mini coding challenges

  3. create visually appealing animations using turtle library​

This course takes 20 sessions to complete.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Python: meaning of programming, history of Python programming language, compilation process and introduction to the coding platform “Visual Code Studio”

  • Variables: Naming, defining and printing

  • Strings: Using and printing strings, commenting in programs

  • Basic math: integers, float, division, order of operation

  • Types of data and data conversion

  • Input data from the user

  • Flowcharts

  • Conditional statements: if/ elif

  • Comparison and relational operators

  • Bitwise operators

  • Loops - range function, For loop, While loop

  • Nested loops - Nested For and While loops

  • Functions - Defining functions, passing arguments

  • Modules - importing and using modules

  • Turtle library - Exploring turtle features, Drawing shapes and animations

  • Consolidation of above concepts through project work

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