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Nahla's Journey: From Curiosity to Coding

Girls who code

When it comes to learning computer programming, all you need is curiosity and a desire to learn. Just ask Nahla, a 10-year-old coding enthusiast who embarked on her coding journey with us about a year ago. In this blog post, we'll dive into Nahla's experiences, her favorite programming language, and her inspirations.

Nahla's journey began when she dabbled with coding in her school about a year ago. Nahla said, "I found coding interesting, and I was curious to learn more about it." It is indeed this curiosity that leads to discovery. Nahla has been learning to code with us ever since.

Nahla's favorite programming platform is Scratch. Its fun and interactive interface captivated Nahla's initial interest. Nahla has also had some early exposure to Python, but she clearly prefers Scratch at this stage. This choice reflects the importance of making learning age-appropriate, engaging, and enjoyable especially for younger learners like Nahla.

Game design with Scratch programming
Game created in Scratch programming

Nahla's enthusiasm for coding shines through in her words. "Coding is fun and cool", she says excitedly. It is wonderful to see a young coder who is inspired by the possibilities that coding can offer.

Nahla also has a favorite role model in the STEM field - Grace Hopper. She aspires to become like her. Grace Hopper's contributions to computer science has left a positive impact on Nahla. “I am also good at debugging, just like Grace Hopper”, Nahla shares proudly.

Grace Hopper
Grace Hopper Img Src: Pixabay

Coding, like any skill, comes with its challenges and Nahla has had her fair share of difficulties in her coding projects. When things get tough, she doesn't give up. In her words, “I try to understand what went wrong, go backward, and try to figure out where it went wrong”.

Nahla's journey into coding has been supported by her instructor, Ms. Nadiah, who has played a pivotal role in developing the love for coding in Nahla. Nahla appreciates Ms. Nadiah's patience and guidance throughout her learning journey. Having supportive and nurturing teachers who are relatable is important for girls who are starting to code.

Girl learning to code
Nahla coding in online class

Nahla's advice to girls her age as Nahla continues to explore the world of coding: "Technology is the future, and I encourage all girls to try out coding as it helps with critical thinking and decision making."

Nahla's journey in learning to code is an excellent example of the great things that happen when curiosity meets opportunity. Her growing passion for coding and the support she has received from her parents is a testament to the incredible potential that coding can offer to girls her age.

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