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Introduction to Scratch Programming

Introduction to Scratch 

Our youngest students start with block-based programming with an emphasis on developing foundational programming concepts and problem-solving skills. We use Scratch's block-based programming platform to introduce the girls to the world of coding. They will develop a love for coding by creating animated stories, interactive games and sharing them with their friends and family.

A product of MIT media lab, Scratch is designed specifically for children to help them develop 21st-century learning skills: thinking creatively, communicating clearly, analysing systematically, collaborating effectively, designing iteratively, and learning continuously. Scratch turns kids from media consumers into media producers, enabling them to create their own digital products. 

As the girls progress through this program, they will learn about a wider variety of coding blocks that will enable them to make increasingly sophisticated games and animations. They will also develop their algorithmic thinking by learning and practicing coding concepts that they will use in the upcoming courses.

This course takes 20 sessions to complete.

Topics covered

  • Getting started

  • Event handlers

  • Drawing sprites and backgrounds

  • x-y coordinates

  • Angles and directions

  • Sequence

  • Loops

  • Importing sprites

  • Text to speech feature

  • Basic conditional statements (if statements, if - then)

  • Defining variables

  • Broadcasting messages

  • Sensing blocks

  • Basic game design framework

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