We are extremely thankful to our amazing group of parents who trust us and support us. This is what some of our wonderful parents have to say about us.

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Mik M.

I really enjoyed playing the game that my 7-year old daughter programmed. I love that she's designing and coding the games, not just playing them.

Honey K.

I'm glad to have stumbled upon Lavender Spaceship tailored especially for girls. I see my daughter showing a keen interest in coding which I was hoping for. I've tried a few institutions but Lavender Spaceship has definitely developed the love for coding. Looking forward to seeing her do wonders in the world of programming.

Divya A.

The Lavender Spaceship Project is inspiring scores of girls to learn to code. I am so grateful for these STEM classes dedicated to girls. My daughter loves it! 

Paulo B.

My 7y old daughter is having such a fun learning experience at Lavender Spaceship. Her enthusiasm for sharing with us the games that she designs and codes is unbelievable.


The Lavender Spaceship Project is an extremely visionary idea and I am happy that it is keeping the girls in tandem with the ever-changing technology of the world and ensuring the girls are ready for the future. while it imparts knowledge, but it does it in a way that gets my daughter glued to the sessions and she is ready to be there for the next one.

Shrreeya S.

A nurturing program which encourages girls to learn everything related to Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics...my daughter looks forward to her classes and wishes her classes were longer!

Smitha R

Kudos for coming up with this unique concept - a STEM class exclusively for girls. Lavender Spaceship offered flexible and customised courses for my daughter and the classes were super fun!

Alex L.

The Lavender Spaceship Project is such a great place for girls to code and explore what they can do! I am constantly amazed by the team's knowledge of STEM education and their skills in nurturing girls' interest.