Like An Engineer

What's the big idea?

STEM stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics" and forms the foundation for a universal set of skills that are in high demand. Learning these skills will be critical to ensure that our next generation is "future ready". 


However, research shows that women are hugely under-represented in STEM fields, even though they score well in Maths and Science in school. The lack of interest and motivation begins when the girls are young. 


This is why we started The Lavender Spaceship Project. We want to give all primary and middle school girls (5 -14 years old) regular exposure to interesting STEM related projects to build their interest and skills in a supportive and motivating environment. See a short video below to learn why young girls are falling behind in STEM and how our learning platform can help. 

Why is STEM education important for young girls?

Research indicates that one of the best ways to improve gender parity is to introduce them to the exciting world of STEM at an early age and sustain it through the younger years. 


This will give the girls a chance to gain confidence, opt for exciting STEM careers and tap into the demand for talent in these fields. Even if the girls don't take up STEM as a profession, they can apply these skills in any career they chose.

Why join The Lavender Spaceship Project?

  • We have an integrated programme across coding, robotics, digital making and engineering projects, all under one roof

  • The sessions are personalised to the interest and knowledge level of girls using latest edu-tech tools 

  • Our schedule is flexible  - we offer weekday and weekend class timings to fit your daughter's schedule

  • We have holiday workshops to try out new modules

  • We build a risk-free environment and community for girls and their parents to learn about STEM

  • We share regular newsletters to raise awareness about women role models in STEM

we are a social enterprise

At TLSP, we are on a mission to help girls from all socio-economic backgrounds develop interest in STEM so that they can take advantage of the opportunities and build groundbreaking technologies when they grow up.


We have developed a "STEM in the Community Program", where we deliver highly subsidized or free classes for girls from under privileged communities. 

Be part of the good - For every five classes you sign , we sponsor one STEM enrichment class for a girl from an underprivileged background. 

Other services we provide

​For Schools

  • Integrated STEM ECA programme, where we deliver classes covering coding, robotics and engineering design projects for Primary & Middle School students.

  • STEM training workshops for Primary &  Middle School Teachers.

  • STEM curriculum design incorporating coding, robotics and engineering design.

For Corporations

  • Corporate STEM programme support & delivery.

  • Hosting / running STEM events for corporate staff and their families.

Contact Us

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