Choose the best STEM enrichment classes based on your girl's age and interest from the program below.
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Track their progress with Certificates of Completion after each module. 
Fees is $40/hr.
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  • Ongoing 10% sibling discount.
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5-7 years (Rovers)
Integrated STEM

weekly classes

Duration of each class: 1 hr 

Minimum number of classes: 12

Certificate earned after every 12 classes

Integrated STEM

Following modules will be covered as a part of the weekly STEM program. 

1. Introduction to Computer Science and tactile programming - Learn the basics of computer science using storytelling.

2. Coding with Scratch Jr - Create animated stories and solve problems while building an understanding of basic programming concepts like algorithms, loops and visual design

3. Robotics with Ozobot bit - Understand the use of sensors, symmetrical / asymmetrical and pattern based coding 

4. Robotics with LEGO Wedo 2.0 - Engage in hands-on STEM solution that fosters the love for engineering, robotics and coding. 


5. Augmented Reality based Storytelling - create your own character & stories using 2D / 3D Augmented Reality

6. Science and Engineering projects- Build prototypes and engage in hands on learning, apply Engineering Design Process framework and understand the scientific explanations behind natural phenomenon


Skills acquired: Scientific reasoning, Computational thinking, Logical reasoning, Pattern recognition, Creativity, Problem solving, Collaboration, Communication, Persistence

Girl in Class
Girl with Wooden Blocks
8-11 years (Apollo)
Coding with Scratch 

Duration: 10 hours 


Coding with Scratch

The Challenge: Create animated stories, interactive games and share with your friends.

Learning Goals:

1.Develop the love for coding and apply the skills in different situations

2. Understand the importance of an algorithm

3. Learn about event handlers, loops, conditional statements, Cartesian coordinates, variables, and message broadcasting.

Skills Acquired: Computational thinking, Logical reasoning, Creative expression, Problem solving

Video Game Design with Bloxels

Duration: 3 hours


Video Game Design with Bloxels

The Challenge: Make your own video game and play with your friends.

Learning Goals:

1.Design your own fully working video game using Bloxels Education toolkit

2.Create your universe of characters and animate them

Skills Acquired: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Strategic thinking, Creativity

Science and Engineering Project

Duration: 6 hours


Science and Engineering Project

The Challenge: Apply your knowledge of STEM to solve problems.

Learning Goals:
1. Build prototypes and engage in hands on learning

2. Apply Engineering Design Process as a framework

Skills Acquired: Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication


Duration: 10 hours



1. LEGO Boost: 5 hrs

The Challenge: Build your own robot and watch it come to life by coding it.
Learning Goals:
a) Learn about robot mechanics using LEGO
b) Personalize your creation  and express your creativity - code it to change its behavior and expression using the app


2. Sphero Sprk+: 3 hrs

The Challenge: Program the sphere shaped robot to follow your command.

Learning Goals:

a) Learn how to use block based programming 
b) Apply mathematical concepts like geometry to drive the robot


3. Drone Programming: 2 hrs

The Challenge: Program the drone to complete the given challenge.

Learning Goals:

a) Learn to fly drone using block based programming

b) Apply mathematics to maneuver the drone to complete the given challenge

Skills AcquiredPersistence, Problem solving, Collaboration,Sequencing,Communication, Computational thinking

Girl with DIY Robot
12-14 years (Falcon)
Coding with Python

Duration: 8 hours


Coding with Python

The Challenge: Learn the basics of syntax programming and create your own game using one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

Learning Goals:

1. Understand the meaning of programming and its importance.

2. Combine mathematics and coding to design a game.

Skills Acquired: Computational thinking, logical reasoning, collaboration

webpage design with HTML/ CSS

Duration: 10 hours

Woman on Her Computer

Webpage design with HTML/ CSS

The Challenge: Share your passion with the world by applying your coding skills to design a webpage on a topic of your choice.

Learning Goals:

1. Learn about elements and attributes 

2. Insert image and video

3. Create a link within a web page

3. Create a table 

4. Insert heading levels 

5. Insert ordered and unordered lists 

5. Use cascading style sheets to format.

6. Make a landing page based on CSS box model.

Skills Acquired: Computational thinking, logical reasoning, creativity

Digital Making with Micro:bit

Duration: 8 hours

Microbit girls edited.jpg

Digital Making with Microbit

The Challenge: Create cool DIY projects by coding Microbit and  become a “Maker”.

Learning Goals:
1. Understand the importance of being a maker
2. Integrate programming and electronics to build games, toys and other useful items
3. Apply programming concepts to solve problems

Skills Acquired: Logical reasoning, Problem solving, Creativity, Digital making

Engineering challenge

Duration: 4 hours


Engineering Challenge

The Challenge: Apply your knowledge of STEM to solve problems.

Learning Goals:

1. Build prototypes and engage in hands on learning
2. Apply Engineering Design Process as a framework
3. Learn about different streams of engineering 

Skills Acquired: Creativity, Critical thinking
Collaboration, Communication, Persistence
Social awareness


Duration: 6 hours 



1. Introduction to Robotics: Get familiar with importance of robotics, how it can make a positive impact on our lives.

Understand the meaning of terms like Automation, Digitization and Singularity.  

2. Introduction to Robotics with Makeblock Ultimate 2.0

The Challenge: Build your own robot with Makeblock Ultimate 2.0, learn about its electronic components and program it to see

interact with you.

Learning Goals:

1. Understand the significance of robotics in today's world.

2. Build a mechanical robot made of anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts with threaded-slot  
3. Program it using graphical interface enabled app

Skills Acquired: Problem solving, Collaboration, Communication, Persistence