Python Programming Level 1 (PL1/12-16) or equivalent is required for this course. 

In this course, we will build on the conceptual understanding of Python that girls acquired in Level 1 and go deeper into the topics with an introduction to many new concepts. The programs will increase in complexity and the girls will learn to apply their understanding of Python Programming language independently. 

The girls will use, Visual Studio Code, a widely used code editor platform to program in Python. 

This course takes 16 sessions to complete.

Concepts explored:

  1. Variables and strings 

  2. Data type conversion

  3. Advanced nested for loops and while loops 

  4. Conditionals 

  5. Complex projects combining the above concepts

  6. Functions 

  7. Data structure 

  8. Index

  9. Lists 

  10. Tuples

  11. Dictionaries 

  12. Methods for data manipulation in Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries

  13. Sets

  14. Projects for application of the above concepts

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