The Lavender Spaceship Project offers a "girl-centric" STEM curriculum for 7-16 year old girls. At every age group, we focus on the factors that are required to foster an interest for STEM among girls in a holistic way.


These programs are offered year round via online sessions. These sessions are conducted in small groups via Zoom or Google Meet. Each course typically takes 3-6 months to complete. Our instructors move at the pace of the students taking time to reinforce concepts as needed. All courses feature fun projects that include women role models in STEM to inspire and motivate the girls.

We also encourage our girls to become independent learners by giving them small practice tasks that they can do at home.

To ensure progress, there are multiple checkpoints in each course wherein we assess the understanding of concepts covered in class.  Parents are kept updated on their girl's progress throughout. Assessments are done in the form of quizzes or independent mini projects. There are two areas that we assess:

  1. Knowledge: This will be done with a multiple choice quiz typically at the end of a module. The quiz results are sent to parents via email.

  2. Application: The girls are given mini projects that they have to complete independently by applying what they have learned in class. We review these and provide positive feedback so the girls can be proud of their work.

The girls will receive Certificates of Completion after each module. 


Fees is $40/hr.

Discounts we offer (only ONE discount applicable at any given time):
  • Bring a friend and get ONE TIME 10% discount upon signup.
  • Ongoing 10% sibling discount.
  • 10% discount if you pay for 10 sessions upfront.


Introduction to Scratch Level 1 (ISL1/7-8)

Our youngest students start with block based programming with emphasis on developing foundational programming concepts and problem solving skills. We use Scratch's block-based programming platform to introduce the girls to the world of coding. They will develop the love for coding by creating animated stories, interactive games and sharing them with their  friends and family.

Introduction to Scratch Level 2 (ISL2/7-8)

ISL1/7-8 is a pre requisite for this course. 

In this course the girls will continue to explore the Scratch platform and learn about a wider variety of coding blocks that will enable them to make increasingly sophisticated games and animations. They will also develop their algorithmic thinking by learning and practicing coding concepts that they will use in the upcoming courses.

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